Friendly, competitive training since 2014.

When you begin training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you want an environment that is friendly so it’s comfortable to learn. You will also want to be challenged as you gain proficiency in the art. We believe that competition is the best way to improve quickly, but also understand that non competitors have an important place on the team as well. Our team at Cast Iron Bjj has been providing the northland with friendly, competitive training since 2014.

Our Classes

Every session is carefully prepared to help you better understand how each position works. You will have ample time to drill and analyze, as well as time to test what you learned at the end of the class.

Josh Littleton is a well established Black Belt in the Kansas City Brazilian Jiu Jitsu scene. You can find him coaching, competing, training, and eating pizza all over the country.

Cast Iron Bjj is a proud affiliate of Kcbjj and member of the Renato Tavares Association. Visit and to learn more about them!

Cast Iron Bjj


6603B Royal St. Pleasant Valley, MO 64068

All classes are two hour adult classes unless marked otherwise. Gi is a traditional uniform used in training and competition. We have clean loaner gis available until you are able to get your own. Nogi class wears tight fitting workout clothes with at least short sleeves. I strongly recommend bringing sandals or loose fitting shoes. For cleanliness reasons, no shoes are allowed on the mats. No bare feet off the mats. No exceptions.



3PM Gi

5:30PM Kids Nogi


10AM Gi

7PM Nogi


10AM Gi

2PM Gi

5PM Kids Gi

6PM Teen Gi

7PM Nogi


10AM Nogi

6PM Teen Nogi

7PM Gi Fundamentals


10AM Gi

2PM Gi

5PM Kids Gi

6PM Teen Gi

7PM Gi

Friday Closed


8-10AM Open Mat

Keep it friendly and competitive!