Am I Training Too Hard?

If you’re asking this, it’s probably because someone asked you to calm down. This question highlights both a common complaint about new people, and the reluctance of other new people to come in at all. I’m reluctant to tell people to calm down, because we need to know that what we are doing works againstContinue reading “Am I Training Too Hard?”

Do you train MMA fighters?

I enjoy helping a limited number of people pursue their goals in MMA. When I started, most of us were here for the purpose of learning how to fight. We all took fights, and developed the core elements of our game around the possibility of getting our heads knocked off. Those were great lessons, butContinue reading “Do you train MMA fighters?”


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Josh Littleton

This is where I take the time to answer frequently asked questions, explain my vision for the gym, tell short stories, and drop the occasional opinionated rant.

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