Ask the Right Questions.

Ok, you’ve just learned a new technique and drilled it a few times. Do you feel like you can use it? Don’t rush into full resistance training just yet. If you want to really learn it, you will want to spend more time drilling it. But mindless drilling can get mindless results. Ask a question,Continue reading “Ask the Right Questions.”

How Much Should I Train?

There are three reasons people ask me this, and each has a different answer.  1. You’re just starting out.  2. You’ve been training for a while and want to set some serious goals.  3. You are trying to find a work/family/bjj balance. Each of these types can still vary depending on goals, which we willContinue reading “How Much Should I Train?”


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Josh Littleton

This is where I take the time to answer frequently asked questions, explain my vision for the gym, tell short stories, and drop the occasional opinionated rant.

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