Emotion in Position

A Position in Bjj is often a trigger for people. As we prepare to watch the customary Black Friday fights on our social media feeds, we will be studying the positions these totally uneducated street fighters will naturally find. Half Guard, Mount, various Clenches from standing will all be explored in extremely dramatic fashion. ForContinue reading “Emotion in Position”

What is Control?

The dictionary definition of control goes on for a while. We use this word a lot, and for many purposes. Basic psychology teaches that you can only control your own actions, and not the actions of others. Jiu Jitsu seems to follow this idea in many ways. In a grappling situation, the word control tendsContinue reading “What is Control?”

Unwritten Rules in Bjj

Nobody likes being the last one to know an unwritten rule. Every single gym has its own set of unique rules, both written and unwritten. Having a set of easily understood rules helps new people to start training with a clear understanding of expectations. We should get these ideas hammered out as efficiently as possibleContinue reading “Unwritten Rules in Bjj”


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Josh Littleton

This is where I take the time to answer frequently asked questions, explain my vision for the gym, tell short stories, and drop the occasional opinionated rant.

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