Why your kid should train Bjj.

There are many reasons to get your kids into martial arts. Some want self defense, others want physical activity, and others want discipline. Jiu Jitsu definitely does a lot to help us get into shape. I don’t like saying that we teach discipline here. If you look up the definition of discipline, it implies teachingContinue reading “Why your kid should train Bjj.”

Improve Your Bjj Using Paper

My job as an instructor is not just to share my knowledge and experiences with you, it’s to help you to manage the wealth of information you are dealing with. In addition to class, you have free YouTube videos, paid cutting edge instructionals, seminars, private lessons, etc. But if you’re trying to do everything, you’reContinue reading “Improve Your Bjj Using Paper”

Purple and Brown Belt

The last time we looked at belt promotions, we focused on Blue Belt. I like to describe Blue Belt as an elite average person. You know the basic positions, and have a good idea of what to do from them. Your identity in the gym is well established. In fact, some newer people might beContinue reading “Purple and Brown Belt”


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