Josh Littleton

I started training in 2006, and began teaching/training full time in 2014. In 2016, I got my black belt from Jason Bircher and Renato Tavares.

My approach to training is both studious and competitive. As a Black Belt, you will find me competing regularly and working to improve. I’m also constantly taking notes at seminars and meeting some of the amazing technicians that are still innovating and sharing what they do. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is not something you learn and forget about, it’s a constantly moving and changing art for each individual. It’s important to me to continue building on my existing experiences and sharing the results effectively with everyone around me.

In the gym, a balance must be maintained. I want people to feel welcome and relaxed, this is something we do for fun. I will pace myself throughout the day, and work just enough to properly prepare for upcoming tournaments. You will also find me sitting back to evaluate the patterns and needs of those in the room. Everyone should feel comfortable asking me or anyone else a technical question. We will have both serious competitors and beginners in every class, this offers a compass for beginners to see where they are going. There is a clear hierarchy because of the ranking system, but the value of each individual is understood by all. I enjoy training with both new people and experienced grapplers, both are important in different ways. We are all part of maintaining a fun, relaxed environment with serious Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Some recent seminars with Renato Tavares, Royce Gracie, Vinicius Orelha, and João Miyao.

I am still learning from Renato and Jason every chance I get.
Being IBJJF Certified means a rules seminar that lasts several hours followed by a written test. We are also required to get CPR training and a safesport course is strongly recommended. You can find more about IBJJF on my blog and on their website. Learning the details and getting them right is important!
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