Josh Littleton

I discovered Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in early 2006 when a friend invited me to train MMA. Because I had experience in boxing and wrestling, I believed that I wouldn’t need to learn much more. Obviously, my point of view changed very quickly. My thirst for understanding led me to seek out the best instruction I could find. After trying a few places, KCBJJ was clearly the best choice. The next several years was spent training and competing as much as possible. A few of those years involved a lot of travel, and I’m still grateful for the solid instruction and welcoming spirit of all the places I visited. My instructor patiently helped me to make sense of those experiences, while sharing his own detailed approach to Bjj. That attention to detail proved to be the most important factor in my development. In 2016, I received my Black Belt from Jason Bircher and Renato Tavares.

I began teaching and competing full time in 2014, committing to Cast Iron in 2015. Cast Iron Bjj continues to be a proud affiliate of KCBJJ and Renato Tavares Association.

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